Ashtavinayaka (अष्टविनायक) literally means “eight Ganeshas” in Sanskrit. Ganesh is the Hinduism/Hindu deity of unity, prosperity & learning and removes obstacles. The term refers to eight Ganeshas. Ashtavinayaka yatra trip refers to a pilgrimage to the eight Hindu temples in Maharashtra state of India that house eight distinct idols of Ganesha, in a pre-ascertained sequence. The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight ancient holy temples of Ganesha which are situated around Pune.

Mayureshwar, Morgaon

This is the most important temple on this tour. The temple, built from black-stone during the Bahamani reign.The temple is situated in the centre of the village. The temple is covered from all sides by four minarets.

Siddhi Vinayaka, Siddhatek

The temple is North-facing and is on a small hillock. The main road towards the temple was believed to be built by Peshwa’s general Haripant Phadake. The inner sanctum, 15 feet high and 10 feet wide.

Ballaleshwar , Pali

This Temple faces the east and has two sanctums. The inner one houses the murti and has a Mushika (Ganesha’s mouse vahana) with modaka in his forepaws in front of it. There are two lakes in front of the temple

VaradaVinayaka, Mahad

Varadvinayak literally means ‘the bestower of boons’. It is believed that Lord Ganesh as Varad Vinayak fulfills all the desires of his sincere devotees and also grants them boons. The idol  VaradaVinayak is a self originated.

Chintamani, Theur

This idol also has a left trunk, with carbuncle and diamonds as its eyes. The idol faces the East side.The lake behind the temple is called Kadambteertha. The temple entrance is North facing. The outer wooden hall was built by Peshwas.

Girijatmaj , Lenyadri

The idol faces north with its trunk to the left, and has to be worshipped from the rear of the temple. The temple faces south. This idol seems to be little different from the rest of the Ashtavinayak idols .There is an entrance fee of Rs 5 for visiting this Temple.

Vigneshwara, Ozar

The temple faces east and is surrounded by a thick stone wall. One can walk on the wall. The main hall of the temple is 20ft long and the inner hall is 10ft long. This idol, facing the east, has its trunk towards the left and rubies in its eyes.There is a diamond on the forehead

Mahaganapati , Ranjangoan

Idol faces the east, is seated in a cross-legged position with a broad forehead, with its trunk pointing to the left.The temple is constructed in such a manner that rays of the sun fall directly on the idol. Eight & last GaneshTemple to visit

Day 1: Shirdi- Lenyadri & Ozhar

  • Start early in the morning towards Pune via Sangamner.
  • Drive till you reach NARAYANGAON about 118km from Shirdi on the NH50.
  • Lenyadri & Ozhar are about 15km each on either side of Narayangaon.
  • First head to Ozhar and then to Lenyadri.
  • Complete darshan at both places by 4PM at leisure and head to Pune.
  • Narayangaon is about 65km from Pune.


Day 2: Pune- Ranjangaon, Theur, Moregaon & Siddhatek

  • Start very early at about 5:30AM. Head to Ranjangaon about 53km from Pune on the Ahmednagar road.
  • Head back to Pune en route Theur after darshan along the same road. Avoid getting into the city as far as possible to avoid traffic snarls.
  • After visiting Theur, head to Moregaon which is about 70km from Theur off the Solapur highway. After about 40km from Theur you need to get off the Solapur highway towards right for Moregaon.
  • Complete darshan at Moregaon by about 16:00.
  • Head to Siddhatek which is about 90km from Moregaon near Daund. You have to get on the Solapur highway and get off towards left to reach Daund.
  • Head back to Pune to reach late into the night.

NOTE: This will be a very hectic day. Hence save as much time as possible.

Day 3: Pune- Madh[Mahad] & Pali

  • Start early and take the Mumbai Expressway till Khopoli at about 60km from Pune.
  • Get off the expressway to reach Mahad, 10km from Khopoli.
  • Post darshan head to Pali about 50km from Khopoli on some meandering roads.
  • Take road back to Khopoli and head to Mumbai or Pune [which ever is your destination] on the expressway. You could first do Pali and then Mahad on the way back.